How to decide which “big camera” (DSLR) to purchase | San Francisco Family Photographer

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This is such a difficult question and one that I am asked several times a week from friends, clients, and strangers alike. People know their cell phone camera and point-and-shoot cameras aren’t cutting it to take pictures of their lightning-speed kiddos, but aren’t sure which “big camera” to purchase that will give them the results […]

How to Take Great Photos of your Kids this Summer {Workshop Tips} San Francisco Family Photographer

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Tired of returning from vacation, downloading 1,000 photos and realizing Little Johnny is squinting or has his eyes closed in most of them? Find it daunting to flip through them and figure out what to do with the other 999 of them? Here are some tips to make taking photos of your kids this summer […]

Why Custom Photography Costs More {Marketing}

I sometimes hear friends/acquaintances talk about photographers and the high costs associated with hiring someone to “just click a few photos”. I came across this article today by Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography and I found myself nodding my head in agreement. I am so grateful to ALL of my fantastic clients, but I do […]

Behind the Scenes {Newborn} San Francisco Photographer

I always think it’s interesting to see how other photographers capture the images they do, and Rocket’s mama took a few photos of me working during Rocket’s photoshoot that I thought would be fun to share. The photo on the left is the “work” photo and the photo on the right is the resulting image. […]