What to Expect


For the lifestyle session, I come to you! I bring just one wrap/blanket with me and we focus primarily on the relationship between you and the baby.


Expect me to spend about two hours in your home for the session. If you have an older child/children, we will do family photos first and then allow older child/children to go to school/play (with dad, grandma, caretaker) and then finish up photos of mom and dad with baby. I ask that you keep your home very warm (about 80 degrees) in order to keep baby sleepy.


I recommend keeping your baby in just a diaper and a swaddle for this session. Newborns tend to swim on “real” clothing and I love being able to utilize wraps to accentuate their adorable tiny features.


We will start with family photos so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the session. You can expect photos with mom and baby, dad and baby, and mom/dad/baby (and older siblings if they are there!). You’ll find that newborn sessions are often experiences of patience, patience and more patience.

Breastfeeding/Bottle Feeding

If you are giving baby bottles, please have plenty prepared in advance. I am able to then feed the baby and keep shooting rather than stopping to breastfeed. If you are exclusively breastfeeding (EBF), do not worry – you will not be rushed and we will just pause as needed. Please feed baby about 30 minutes prior to my arrival if possible so they are full and sleepy (ideally!) when I arrive. If you are supplementing with formula or bottle-fed breastmilk, please prepare plenty (I can’t stress this enough…since we are constantly moving baby, they often wake up more than normal and cluster feed so this helps tremendously!).


For the lifestyle newborn session, we focus mostly on the relationship between you and the baby. I do bring one wrap/blanket with me and use that to photograph the baby solo.

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