Photoshoots can be stressful on families. My job is to make the entire experience enjoyable! I am a parent…I get how we all want our kids to be complete angels for a stranger, and especially when we’re trying to capture them in camera in a certain moment!

Family Sessions

Whether I am shooting a newborn or a 10-year-old, I guide the shoot with my own plans of how and what I want to capture, but the child is ultimately in control of exactly how that unfolds. My gameplan may be to shoot the entire family first, then break up into smaller groups (mom and son, dad and daughter, brother and sister), but in reality the 3-year-old (for example) has decided that their gameplan involves an impromptu game of tag first. I always have my plan in place, but it shifts throughout the shoot according to what the child(ren) are doing. I capture both the traditional poses that freeze the family in a moment of history as well as the lifestyle images that encapsulate who your child is at that specific moment in time.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

For newborn shoots, the same rules apply but for an itty-bitty (adorable!) baby. I bring everything I need with me…from hats to props to blankets and more. All I ask of you is to give the baby a very full belly of milk/formula so they are as sleepy as possible for our session. I like them to be in just a diaper and swaddle for the session so I can easily undress/redress them as needed. Then, new parents get to sit back and relax while I take over for a few hours. I typically spend the first half of the session on the family shots (mom and baby together alone, mom, dad and baby together, etc), then I spend the second half on the individual newborn images.

Sharing Images

I think the blog is really important because I share online almost every single session I do…so you can see that I get the same quality of results every single time. Being a photographer isn’t about being able to capture a great image every 500th frame…it’s about being able to find and capture great images at every single session, seeking the traits that make each and every client unique and beautiful.

Booking a Session

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all about your session. I’m happy to go through the details with you and make you both comfortable and excited about our session together!