Brooke Bryand Photography | San Francisco Family Photographer

If you look at the style of the subjects I photograph, you’ll notice there isn’t a ton of “matchy-matchy” here. I tend to prefer that families wear outfits that coordinate without completely matching. The adorable family in the photo on this page is an ideal example of what to wear for photos. Notice that each of them incorporated a shade of pink into their outfit, but you hardly even notice the coordination because it is subtle and stylish.

General clothing rules

  • Wear something that is YOU (though perhaps a “dressed up” version of you)
  • Avoid large logos that display a company name
  • Avoid large horizontal stripes

People tend to look their best and, equally important, feel their best when they wear clothes that are them. Don’t wear something that is so stiff you will only be thinking of how quickly you can change after the shoot!

If you’re unsure as to what to wear, ask me! I’m happy to offer suggestions and give feedback on outfits you’re considering.

Here is a link to our Pinterest board full of ideas and inspiration.